Just try and imagine.... sitting under this beautiful purple canopy of colour..... it will literally take your breath away.....

Add to that, the sweetest of fragrances and about a gazillion bees, buzzing like crazy. No bee shortage in this garden, and if anyone wants any pollinating done.....this is the place to be. Sitting under my purple canopy, takes my morning coffee experience to another level......

Everyone.....including me ooohs and aaahs when looking at the purple outdoor carpet of petals.


Okay, now here comes the reality check! Sorry, but I have to shatter some of the romantic pre-conceptions of the wonderful Wisteria. Think carefully where you will plant this rampant vine. It will need a VERY strong structure to withstand the weight. If you plant one above a patio area, like we have growing, (although, we didn't plant these), you will be forever sweeping and sweeping and sweeping. Not just flower petals.........they are deciduous and in Autumn there will be many, many leaves.

Wisteria has a pod, which literally "pops" open and are another thing to sweep up.

We have them in a few different colours...

If you want to colour co-ordinate......Wisteria ranges from white, pale pink to a vivid violet blue. We have a few planted all around the property and our shed is looking mighty pretty at this time of the year. 


Prune twice a year- once in Spring after flowering and again in Autumn

Wisteria is easy to grow and thrives on neglect - low water requirements


Flowers are called Racemes (see pic below)

Two types of Wisteria - when training - Chinese (sinensis) twine anti-clockwise  and Japanese (floribunda) twine clockwise

Location Location Location - plant over lawn area

Rub off side shoots 

Wisteria is very forgiving - so don't worry too much about the pruning aspect of it

Wisterias prefer full sun conditions and require about six hours sunlight per day. 

Grow Wisteria on walls, fences, pergolas or an arch. Along verandahs can look effective too.

You can train into a standard

Trim "whippy" bits (constantly) it gets into gutters

Will grow in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney and cool climate areas. ie mountains

Here I have my helper showing you the cascading effect of the "Racemes"........thank you Ruby!


I hope I haven't put you off growing a Wisteria!

So just to sum up..... it is fairly high maintenance (from a pristine gardeners point of view) ......its spectacularly beautiful and maybe that's all that matters in the end.....

The beauty........