I will be the first to admit, strolling around the villages of the Southern Highlands of NSW is a gardeners delight, and especially at this time of the year. Blossoms, hedges and cute picture perfect cottages to set off all their wonderful gardens. 

Lets take a walk together..............

I love to see what other people plant in their spaces. How they utilise a small block, what plants thrive in the area.  This little cottage in Bowral does not have a blade of grass out the front of their house. So if you are not into mowing, try this idea.

Hedges on either side of a path drawing the eye to the front door. To me it says......

Welcome to my home.

West side of a home...... doesn't have to be boring. A lovely "pop" of colour to brighten everything up and of course heat hardy plants.

Simple, non fancy metal fencing and a paling fence can be "glammed" up with a cascading rose and lots and lots of colour.

Love the red roses against this stonework.....

Small front garden? Not into colour....like minimalism and structure. Then this is the garden for you. Plant slower growing English box and you wont have to trim constantly.

Conifers do very well here and as you can see it has dwarfed this home. Lesson....think carefully what you plant in your garden and how big it will get. I think this one has now become a feature in the front yard.

Some homes don't need a big fence or hedge to have privacy.....this garden has been heavily planted out with very pretty results.

Got any sculptures hidden away in the garage? Maybe think about placing them in your garden for added interest.

Thank you for joining me on our beautiful walk...........