We had a lovely group of friends over the other night for dinner and it was going to be a.......I quote "casual and low key affair". After a hectic week, we wanted easy, simple and relaxed! 

I always love pimping the table time ......  I was in a rush and didn't have time to go picking flowers in the garden.  So I used what was available ie. the same Rhododendrons that I had for last weekends Succulent Workshop....... just trimmed and re-cycled into smaller vases. 

The vine ladies looked on serenely.....

I knew exactly what the mezze was going to be.

That's because I have been in the veggie garden .... checking, watering, taste testing (lots of taste testing) and the must do chore, of pinching the tops of the Broad Beans plants. 

Aquadulce Broad Beans to be exact. They are bomb proof and crop prolifically. They even survived a huge storm a few weeks ago and were virtually flattened. I have to say yet another brilliant variety of seeds courtesy of Diggers Club 

The beauty of growing and harvesting them out your own garden, it that you get to pick them when they are young and juicy!

No double shelling!

Normally, by the time they have hit the shops, they have that thick outer layer that you have to squeeze/ peel/shell. The other added bonus of these great plants is that Broad Beans also add nitrogen to your soil, so it's a win win.



Fresh Broad Beans (frozen ones do not work I have trialled)

Bunch of mint

One large clove of garlic

Fresh or frozen baby peas quickly blanched or nuked for 1 minute.

S & P

Rustic sourdough bread

1/3 cup olive oil.

1/4 cup grated Parmesan Cheese

I make this recipe by taste and again nothing is set in concrete you can adjust to how you would like it.

There is something calming about shelling beans or peas. One for the bowl one popped into my mouth and so it goes.....

Place garlic and salt in mortar with a splash of olive oil and some of the peas, mint and Broad Beans. Get your pestle and start grinding.

Add some of that Parmesan....keep adding olive oil. You don't need to crush it like a pesto. I like mine to have lots of texture.

It should sort of look like this. Rustic..... and the aroma is out of this world!

This is me taste testing.....I couldn't even wait to grill the bread. 

I was in full swing at this stage with a room full of people and no time to drag out the camera to take a shot. But Michael.... who is our very own Mr Burrawang Instagram took this pic for me with one of his "nice" filters. Thanks Michael!

Cooked a simple dessert using Rhubarb....which again is in season...more of that next week.

Hey, check out the enormous hostess gift of flowers.......Philadelphus or Mock Orange. Each time we have R & M over they always bring something special from their stunning garden. I photographed their garden yesterday and can't wait to show you. It is full of old and rare plants that I just lust over.

I cannot describe the scent of the is all encompassing. It has filled the house......