THE WEEK THAT WAS..............

Had an (under the radar) birthday this week ..... and check out this stunning orchid... It was dropped off by a lovely friend  xxx


It's called a.....hang on let me get the tag again for the spelling...... Phalaenopsis Orchid. Or Phil for short! A great Christmas present..... it just keeps flowering and flowering for months. A present that keeps on giving.......

Phil hates:

Drafts, direct sunlight, wet feet

Phil loves:

A light warm position, and a liquid fertiliser at 1/2 strength every second watering. This is because the potting medium is so porous, that all the goodies get washed away. You probably only need to water once a week or fortnightly, depending on how warm the weather is.

The cone of shame has now been permanently removed. Thank god! Our walls and furniture only just survived.  This week Pierre decided to round up next doors cattle.... I found him sitting quietly in the paddock with the cattle all in one corner. All organised mum! 

He also decided to play with Tiago our duck (who is ok btw) by throwing him up into the air and catching him again. I was in the bathroom and ran shrieking into the garden, towel on my dressing apologies to the person going for their morning walk. 

Last of the roses and what an epic flush they had......

If you haven't already done so prune right back and feed. You will get another flush in 4 to 6 weeks.

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Sudden Impact for Roses by Neutrog is my preferred food for the roses. It's easy to put on...see that tiny plastic container...fill and sprinkle around the rose drip line. You only need a small amount. That is what I love about this product! Roses are voracious feeders so give them a feed people......

Tip: Listen to the weather forecast, if the rains are due, like they have been every afternoon  this week, you won't have to water in....the heavens will do it for you. One less thing to do!


I will just say one word "Hydrangeas"

Saw my first Christmas beetle!

This is last years photo ...... all I have done so far, is bring the Christmas decorations up from the shed, which are now sitting in the carport. And of course every time I walk past them, like 100 times a day, I get guilty that I haven't started Christmas festooning.  

Is anyone else late?  

Some totally organised people have already got their tree up and their homes are Christmas pimped to the eyeballs. Our house looks decidedly Scrooge like at the moment.....Sorry no photos of festive cheer. Next week I promise....