Yes, at 4 am I seriously thought of going up to the chook pen and shooting him. Even though I do not have a gun I had very dark thoughts. They always say that little tiny things take on a life force all their own while you lay there in the dark.....stewing....

Being an unusually warm evening we left all our bedroom windows open, it was also one of those nights/mornings where I was surface sleeping (does anyone else have those)? mind racing, order the ham, buy the turkey, make sure its free range blah blah blah!

He began, croaky at first....... then got into his stride. I laid there and started counting the crows!

ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SEVEN! Every time I thought he had finished he would start again. Surely he does not do this every day?

Needless to say this morning I sent my husband up to the chook pen to collect eggs.....Robbie and I are not on speaking/crowing terms!!

Does anyone else get dark thoughts while lying in bed?