As you may have gathered, if you have been following me on Facebook,  Poppy is our gorgeous girl. 

popstar (1 of 1).jpg

When we take her for a walk I sometimes wish I had a recorded message strapped to her collar because we always get asked... Ooooh.... what kind of dog is she?   Giant schnauzer? Wolfhound? Afghan? Labradoodle? 

None of the above!  She is a Briard. A French Sheepdog.

Here are some fun facts about them:

They don't shed 

They love to stick their nose into anyones crotch (charming)

They were used in the 1st world war as trench dogs

They are guardians of the homestead and flock (here its chickens,ducks, guinea fowl)

They will fight off a pack of wolves (just what we need for the highlands)

They can hear and smell things like nobodies business

She gets a haircut every three months


She loves water!.........Beach, creek, dam, lake.... anything wet!

She loves our feathered pets! Sometimes too much.....

She loves to sit in front of a fire and just be.........

Poppy is my walking pal. We go on so many adventures together! I love the fact that she is not a psycho dog and I can take her anywhere from cafes to the beach to a farm, where she can be totally surrounded by cows or sheep and not bat an eyelid.  Almost always causes a mini stampede when she walks by........

poppy12 (1 of 1).jpg

When she was a puppy our chooks were terrified of her and thought she was a fox. Don't look at the pink lead and harness....we went a bit stupid!

I'm glad you have met Miss Poppy and hope you get to know her better.

Are you a doggy person? Cat person? Can you do both? I have to say I'm firmly in the doggy camp. Woof