BIRDSCAPING YOUR GARDEN...........Its so easy!

Most people can quite easily "birdscape their garden". You don't have to have a large garden and you don't have to have fancy plants and they don't all have to be native. Having a variety of plants to attract different types of birds is the way to go. Birdscaping is arranging your landscape to create welcoming habitats for birds. Somewhere safe for them to rest and visit. Also for breeding birds to raise their young, which is the best part for me. Birdscaping is much more than putting up a few bird feeders.

Water is a must. Elevated even better. I have a couple of little bird baths around the garden and during hot days you see them flit in and do just as the name suggests....have a bath! We moved this bird bath into this cosy little spot (it was out in the open before) and along came the birds. They need to feel safe!

We are lucky and live in the land of hedges! So that means another safe place for little wrens and the like to flit through. They tend to hang around close to the ground so understorey planting is important. If you don't have a hedge any dense vegetation will do the job. 

A cheeky male wren that always has his harem by his side. Their antics are so sweet.

We also have white fan tails that fly in and out of their birdhouse. They look gorgeous when walking on the lawn and strutting their stuff. They are prolific breeders and we always have chicks hatching. We also have hawks and that keeps their numbers under control. The fact that they are white does not help their situation. I do place seed out on feeders also which attract many other birds.......

BIRDSCAPING1 (2 of 2).jpg

Cockatoos I try not to encourage because as you know they can be quite destructive. But I love their totally radical flying aerobatics and the bobbing up and down little dance that they do.

See these nuts.... I mowed over a batch of these the other day and hey presto Dukkah for the Cockatoos. They went nuts...literally. 

So thats another thing that can go into your birdscaping. A nut tree!



Try and have plants that flower at different times of the year so you have birds all year round. 

SUMMER - Any fruit trees, figs (plant a fig) guaranteed birds, 

AUTUMN FOOD IN MY GARDEN - Camellias (Sasanquas), the magnolia follicles (red long seed thing), late crabapples, Gleditsia big long seed pods, Chestnuts, Walnuts

WINTER -Camellia Japonica,  red hot pokers

SPRING- Bottle brush, Magnolias, grevilleas, daffodils (cockatoos eat mine) you will see me running out in my dressing gown some mornings waving my arms around like some nutter. 


I hope that you will feel inspired and that I have maybe given you a couple of ideas.

A garden for me is not just about flowers...... it must also have life.  The sound of birds twittering, doing a little mating dance, dropping by for a bath, raising their chicks and knowing that next year those chicks will be back building nests for their young is such a beautiful cycle.

Do you love to encourage birds to visit? Are you like me rushing inside to get my big bird book and trying to identify an unusual bird visiting the garden?