I have come to the conclusion that people in this world are divided into 2 categories (this is simplistic of course) 1st category - animal lovers........2nd category - take them or leave them! 

Me? I think you can guess which camp I belong in. When Poppy had her tragic accident and I had so many people write in to me, it made me realise just how many people out there, love their pets as much as we do.

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What a struggle it has been not having my furry best friend around. The space Poppy took up in the house and in our hearts was enormous. 

https://julijana-griffiths.squarespace.com/blog/2014/4/12/to-my-dearest-miss-poppy .  

She will never be forgotten.

However it didn't take us long to realise that we needed another dog in our lives. Not as a replacement and not to make the pain go away but to have a dog that's intertwined with us. Its just the way it's always been.......can't explain it ..... it just is.

So the exciting news is our 9 week old puppy arrived yesterday, his name is Pierre, he is a Briard (like Poppy was). We just love this breed. They tick a lot of boxes for us!

Our sadness has eased somewhat with the excitement of buying all the cute puppy stuff.

Toys, special teething puppy biscuits, a new collar ( I wanted bling) but that was vetoed. Its like preparing for a baby coming into your lives. No we are not decorating the nursery! 

Pierre will sleep on Poppy's old bed and that will be tinged with some sadness at times. 

I am sure his little personality will shine through and we will love him just as much. 

I had to laugh because the first thing Pierre did when I picked him up was wee all over my dress, I guess he was as excited as I was! 


Yesterday afternoon we just watched him run and sniff and be the cutest puppy on this planet....sigh.

As I am typing this he has his little head on my slipper and is fast asleep. 

I will try and control myself and not post a Pierre thing every single day...its gonna be hard!

What puppy tips do you have? Any pics you want to share?