SWEET MEMORIES..............

Moving house can sometimes be bittersweet ...... it can be exciting....with new adventures ahead but also a soft sadness of leaving behind so many memories. 

I was asked by our lovely friends to photograph and video a kind of "memento" of their beautiful property. What a privilege it was for me to do that for them.

I arrived bright and early with the sun at that perfect angle. Soft mist floating through the trees, glorious colour, sheep baaing and the fresh (freezing) cold air on my cheeks.

When I take photographs I always have connect.....connect to what I am looking at and feel what I am looking at. To me this  is fundamental in photography.   As I immersed myself I started to see the property through "their eyes" in effect. 

I know they have special love for their sheep! Each one of their sheep and lambs has a name or a special number. They remember if they were born during a stormy night or over by the left paddock under those trees. There is sheep hierarchy.... the matriarch who baas in a deep throaty way, Boyzy the littlest sheep, Big Mac......Ram extraordinaire.  Whenever the sheep see them its a mini stampede as they run over to greet them.

Sometimes the Ewes didn't have enough milk for the lambs and they were known to bring them into the house for bottle feeding to give them a fighting chance of survival. Or the sadness they would feel when lambs that were born during the night and had disappeared (taken by fox) not having a chance to be loved by Peter and Lesley. 

Saying farewell to the trusty tractor which never failed to do its job.

Sweet memories of grandchildren playing on the swings......helping Grandpa move sheep from paddock to paddock....

Pierre, my assistant got to say hi to the sheep. He didn't bark and was such a good boy!

I know that there will be many adventures and new memories in store for them both. Their energy, love for food, life and animals will always mean that life will never be dull. Thank you both for allowing me to share this.