Excuse this photo it was taken with my iphone! Somebody.....I would love to know who, popped these Muscovy ducks onto our property. Was it last night? Early this morning? Who knows.... but we have an extra 4 ducks. Tiago the drake (red around the eyes and damned sexy) is not happy Jan. Because one of the 4 that were dumped, is a drake and some argy bargy quickly ensued. Hissing, fluffing up of feathers..... just how some men carry on sometimes.

New fantail pigeon (still in its ugly phase). Those fantails are at it constantly.

today (2 of 12).jpg

Gorgeous soft light......

Because its so unseasonally warm I find myself wandering around the garden taking pics when there is this glorious light. They don't call this the magic hour in photography for nothing.

Camellia and autumn leaves make the most beautiful of carpets! What a combination.... add that late afternoon soft light.......sigh

I have mulched, composted, raked and raked.... now there comes a time when some burning off has to happen. Little piles on the drive....Arth don't drive your car onto the burning embers!!!

Then we come to my garden "helper" who had at least 15 minutes of fun with this black plastic pot. 

How was your day today? As exciting as mine was.....