It's official...... I have a toddler in the house again! His name is Pierre, he is now 11 weeks old, and into everything. Everything I tell you! Nothing is safe..... 

I have so much admiration for all those mums out there with little ones. Do you know why?

Because I had forgotten! I had forgotten what it is like to take twice as long to get ready and go out, the extra feeding, making sure they don't hurt themselves, toilet training, the occasional accident in the house, routine, nap times, controlled crying, getting on with our other creatures (siblings).....etc etc.

Having had a few dogs in my life I know how important it is to socialise your puppy. It begins from the second you get your pup, learning the rules of the house and how to behave. Easier said than done!  It just means being..... consistent, firm, and making sure there is lots of love and reward for when they get it right. 

First up for Pierre, meeting and playing with children.... so important.  When he grows and is a 35 kilo dog I want him used to being handled by little ones.  It's also great for young kids to learn how to respect a dog. To ask the owner "is it ok if I pat your dog"? Pierre has had a constant flow of visitors of all ages, men women, strangers and other dogs in these couple of weeks. Everything is so new and sometimes scary! 

Walking.....Teaching your puppy, like you would a young child to do the right thing when you go for a walk around busy streets.  For our first walk, we practised in our quiet village. Pierre was not too sure about the lead and what he was supposed to do. But with a couple of little treats in my pocket (bribes) he got the hang of it. 

Lets face it Puppies love to chew and dig!  On a few occasions I have found myself chasing Pierre through the house trying to get certain articles of clothing back (like his fascination for bras). Or the amount of times I have found him gnawing on my boots. (lucky they were not my good ones). I know (just like with kids) when it goes a little quiet......something is going on!

He loves the veggie garden ....and as you can see is trying to help me plant seedlings.



Sleep.... Pierre just loves to sleep! He runs around like a loony, then just collapses in a heap. All floppy and soft...... The pic in the middle was taken up at our School of Arts Hall at our Winter ball committee meeting....he is totally oblivious. Tiring....all these meetings for a small pup!

The sheer joy that Pierre experiences (and us) at a pile of leaves. Laugh....we have laughed at so many of his antics. 

Our place looks like a creche at the moment toys and balls strewn all around the place. Also I am writing this post to the lovely tones of a loud plastic squeaking bone. Its a sweet sound....... having a little fur baby playing behind me.... it is special indeed.

Now I come to the big adventure that we had last week. We visited Illawarra Lake on a stunning, warm, calm day. Perfect to introduce Pierre to water! Our beautiful Poppy was the biggest water lover and we were interested to see how Pierre would react. The following photos will show how it all went. Again, we did not assume that just because Poppy loved water that he would. We started off slowly...walking along the edge of the water, throwing a stick, looking at tiny crabs, all this with lots of pats and encouragement. Eventually we will work up to a surf beach but plenty of time for that later.

Pierre had the best time and so did we!  He slept all the way home. It actually reminded me of our son Nick, (who is now 21) whenever we visited the beach he did the same...slept all the way home, it was guaranteed.

Having Pierre has taken me right back to those days.......wow....I really had forgotten!

Pierre is learning (as are we) everyday.............. 

He is so different to Poppy but we are still reminded of her in certain little things that he does.... which is bittersweet in a way. I wish they could have met..........

Hard work? At times!  Worth it? A big YES!

I just hope I don't go through the terrible two's......I will have to maybe get some advice from some mums out there! 

Have you got any puppy training tips?