A freezing and very windy day in the Southern Highlands...... what does one do, but put on the Yetti Coat and visit a Poultry show. Its no secret that I love chooks and I have always been fascinated by all the different varieties. 

The first thing that hits you as walk into a Poultry Pavillion is the noise!

Lots of Roosters equals lots of noise!  Its a crowing festival!

At least it's not 4am....

The next thing you might notice are some pretty strange looking ones. The long legged one reminds me of a Raptor! I always laugh out loud when I see that variety. The black one looks like a Sherman tank.... 

I was surprised by how many young people were in the pavillion. Some of them were involved in showing and judging and some were just there checking it all out,  just like us. The judges wore special coats and it was serious business. They would carefully take the chooks out of the cage, feel them, spread their wings and tip them upside down...... I was told that some things they look for are, colour, how well groomed they are, the shape of the chicken and its flight feathers. An exhibitor got marked down because their chicken wasn't white enough......obviously a change in the brand of shampoo for next time!

Trophies and prizes to be won! 

There are some strange looking feet!

Some really lovely feathers!

If you are a chook or a duck person and you see a sign in your local neighbourhood "Poultry Show" then grab the kids/husband or a friend and spend a fun hour or so visiting the Poultry Pavillion.