I dont often read during the day and usually feel guilty when I do. I have always been a night reader!  Reading at night is my switching off mechanism and guaranteed to send me off to the land of nod. It appears I am not the only one,  most ladies I chat to are night readers also. We sound like characters from the TV series Game of Thrones! Night Readers!

But when my Diggers Mag comes in, I drop everything..... the kettle goes on.....I find a cosy spot and READ! 

Whats a good thing to plant in the garden right now and I mean right now (I'm a bit late) Garlic. Your own home grown Garlic...... there is nothing like it. Not sprayed and doesn't come from overseas either.

Here are some tips on Garlic growing ....

Well drained soil and full sun is a must.

When you plant Garlic break apart the bulbs into individual cloves and plant point end up

Water regularly during the growing season and a little fertiliser does not go astray either. 

Once foliage begins to brown off, cut back  on the water and fertiliser. Usually around November this happens.  

You generally harvest Garlic in late Spring/Summer when there are 4-5 green leaves left or leave it in the ground until leaves are browned off completely (thats what I prefer). 

Hang to dry in a dry place for a couple of weeks to harden the skins. 

If you feel really clever and crafty, while reading a mag, (multi tasking) you can plait the garlic like they do in Italy. That way you are being productive and won't feel guilty about reading during the day! 


Sipping my tea ..... planning the garden for colour and produce..... kicking back in the sunshine and imagining what those Flanders Poppies will look like in that special spot. Ahhhh.

Are you a guilty daytime reader?