I love my many to choose from.... our little Honey Eater birds adore them!  Now is the best time to choose one, they are flowering big time!

You thought I was going to write about yellow Autumn Lemon Drop tomatoes are still cropping....just enough of them for me to munch on...sorry Arth. Earlier in the season I lamented how late my tomatoes were.....not lamenting now!


Back in February,  a Summery and balmy afternoon, I wrote about a Walnut tree in our village just ripe for picking.....

Ever eaten a fresh walnut straight from the tree? Well that’s just what we feasted on. I got the heads up about the tree from a lovely local lady; she also mentioned the fact that I would be doing her a big favour, apparently the birds were making such a racket first thing in the morning that a sleep in was impossible. Didn’t have to ask me twice! One Basket, two helpers…. sorry 3 if you include Miss Poppy. 
The ones that were ripe we quickly cracked open……. taste tests are imperative. Wow, so different! Nothing like the ones you buy in a packet or by the scoopful! Not bitter at all, but a beautiful earthy sweet taste. I am now ripening the rest of our haul and can't wait to put them to good use. 

This was a bit of an experiment to see how they dried, which I did in our beautiful sunshine. What can I say! Amazing!  I never want to buy another  packet of Californian Walnuts ever again. Some of the shells were empty and they are a bit black on the outside....who cares though! The flavour is so so sweet and well....walnutty....the way a Walnut should taste.

Actually I do have another yellow thing going on and thats the Kniphofia. Normally you see them and they are red...hence Red Hot Poker. Again, bulletproof and a nice pop of colour.

I'm running's time to get that garlic in the ground. 

What's flowering in your garden at the moment. Are you a grow your own garlic person?