Winter has well and truly arrived....... all the trees have finally dropped their leaves and no more raking. YEEHA!

The garden at the moment looks like a stick forest, but believe it or not there are still lots of things growing and flowering. Don't ever think a winter garden has to be bleak or boring.  Let's go and take a look.......I've got a few ideas to get you going. 


Hellebores are flowering now........they are also known as the winter rose. If you have a shady spot under a deciduous tree they will reward you with colour throughout winter. Hellebores also come in lots of different shades if you love a colour co-ordinated garden.

The sweet scented jonquil is the most indestructible and easy to grow of all garden bulbs. In China the jonquil is a New Year good luck symbol. It can be grown in a whole range of climatic conditions. In cool climates plant bulbs 40-60mm deep, in warm coastal climates plant 100-140mm deep and in hot climates 150-180mm deep. 

Even if you don't have a big garden, they can be potted up and put on a sunny windowsill or an outside table in a courtyard. Anyone can grow them. Yes..... you can... Jeff! 

The Snowflake with its little white nodding heads self seeds naturally and looks so pretty under a birdbath or tree.

Raindrops on a weeping cherry and lichen on a gate...... a beautiful charm all of its own.

I know I keep going on about Camellias but they are an incredible plant, and again, if you don't have a big garden they are a very handsome specimen to grow in a pot. When they are not flowering, their leaves are a dark glossy green, so they look good year round.

Bomb proof Nasturtium! I love how raindrops just sit on their leaves like little jewels. Nasturtium seeds were apparently used as a substitute for black pepper during WWII. I am going to do a post on the Nasturtium all on its own. You can do so much with this plant. How cheerful does it look! I have oranges, creams and reds in my garden.

What about this idea? Vertical gardens are all the rage.

Broad beans, Leeks and Fennel are going gang busters! Remember when I planted them at the end of April I am already using the leeks and baby fennel. 

I don't know if you have ever smelt the evocative fragrance of Daphne........ do yourself a favour, plant one......mine are now budding up and I can't wait to walk out on the verandah and take in their amazing scent. Daphne should be coming into nurseries now. 

What would we do without the Pansy? In this garden they are star performers!

PicMonkey Collage.jpg.jpg

Put them in all types of containers.....teacups, metal pails, wrap them and use them as a pretty centrepiece on a table. Their bright cheery faces will brighten any bleak winters day. Combine them with other flowers. Use your all time favourite! Anyone can grow these lovelies. 

A  friend of mine gave me a lovely present the other day.....Tulips bulbs.  I have popped those into a large pot (I know I am very late) but we will see what happens. Planted some little violas (Lemon Frost) on top and of course Pierre at his first opportunity pulled them out. Pierre by the way is growing so quickly and apart from the occasional naughtiness has fitted right into our lives.

I hope I have given you a few ideas and maybe inspired you to get the winter woolies on and get some colour in that winter garden.

Maybe you already have? Let me know what your favourite winter flowers are.