I am going to start by giving you this internet radio station link...... .  It's no secret I am a child of the seventies! Best music hands down for dancing, for boogieing, for singing out loud.....for just making you feel gooooood! Also brilliant for cleaning the house. Ahhh the Hustle, the Bump and who could forget the Carwash! See those roller girls..... I roller discoed in outfits pretty damn similar. Wish I had the pics or maybe not........ people danced back then and I mean really danced. Together.......go figure!

Came across this website if you want to take a look and see. 70's fashion that has been re-jigged to look....well,  not like you are going to a fancy dress party. 

Anyway...... I digress!

This is how it works in this household....

gorgeous day = outside "stuff"

crappola day =  inside "stuff" 

Sunday was pretty ordinary and we finally got a chance to tackle the inside lists that are constantly pinned up on the fridge. One for the girls and one for the boys.

Do you, when cleaning, start rearranging? This is what I do, every time I clean. Move that over there, swap chairs and tables around. Arth comes in and goes to sit on a chair, looks around........... its gone! 

Most of this "stuff" was in on display for a fresh new look. Are you like this? Do have A.D.D when it comes to decorating. Do you get bored with something after a month or so? My husband looks on and just shakes his head....." I like how it looked before, why are you changing it"? 

I am going through a white phase at the moment. Crisp, clean and white!

A bit of fake fruit doesn't go astray and will not go mouldy in the vase or bowl. You gotta fake it sometimes!

Fresh flowers always make a room look and white this week. When it's dull and drab outside flowers inside the house makes my heart sing.

I am a big fan of natural cleaning products. I will be honest and say that I do have the odd bottle of Domestos but if I can, will mainly use nice to the nose and nice to my body cleaning products.

Orange Cleaner

Save your orange peels and place them in a jar with white vinegar poured over them. In a few days, the orange essence will infuse into the vinegar and give you a fantastic-smelling homemade cleaning solution.

General All Purpose Cleaner (my favourite)

10 ml eucalyptus oil

3ml lavender oil

20 ml methylated spirits 

2 cups water

Dissolve eucalyptus oil and ;lavender oil in methylated spirits. Add to pump spray bottle filled with water and shake well to mix.

Smells divine!

Well that's how I spent my Sunday and as I am typing this one of my favourite songs just came on....Takin' care of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive....does anyone remember that will if you are a 70's child. 


Gotta go now......woooohooo!