The transformation begins......making our (beautiful) but rather bare School of Arts hall come to life and become a "Wonderland" for one night. There was weeks of collecting "stuff"!

Poisonous mushrooms, raiding gardens for moss, ferns, sticks, large logs that needed tractors to go and get them out of paddocks.....lamp shades from local Vinnies stores, potion bottles....all to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Would we be able to pull this off?

Details, details......mossy stones with miniature tea sets, drink me potion bottles, toadstools. The talented Fiona our resident florist had so many fab ideas.

I loved the creeping rose vine.....

Pretty plates all in a row...cardboard but who would know....real mushrooms freshly picked.

The night is about to begin....frock is on..teetering on very high heels...this girl wants to now have some fun!

Some of the Ball Committee gals...smiling staff...glasses glistening...rabbit looking on..we now have RSI from lighting so many candles and T lights!

There was glamour galore...and not just the girls!

It was an extra special one for us.....my handsome young son Nick and his beautiful girlfriend Grace joined us. I got to have a few dances with my boy.... 

A huge thank you to the best band ever! Hugh Scott Murray and the Big Ol Bus Band. We danced our socks off! Best dance music, best music to sing to, the crowd went nuts to a tribute song for the late Doc Neeson (Angels front man) AM I EVER GONNA SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN......NO WAY #@$% . I am sure there will be a few sore throats today.

Oh what a night! Thanks to everyone who helped and came along to make this night so special.