Whenever I chat to friends that live in warmer climes they usually ask how we are going with the cold weather. I usually respond with "the house is so toasty" as our wood fire crackles away in the background..... I can almost see the glazing over of the eyes...."wow you guys are so lucky having an open fire" ....."how romantic" ..."I just love to stare into the flames". Yes, yes and yes to all of those wonderful pictures that we paint with our brain (me included).

But.......yes there is a but....

The reality!  Scooping out all that ash.... every three days or so. Picture this people... as I am enveloped in a cloud of sooty dust. Going out into sub zero temperatures collecting kindling in the howling wind. Yeah.... you didn't think of that! Then the wood delivery arrives......dumped right in front of the carport, so there is no chance of getting the car in till it's stacked.

By this time, you have worked up such a sweat, the last thing you want to do is light the bloody fire!


Last of the cumquats.... 3 easy steps!

Skewer cumquats.....good stress therapy. Cumquat voodoo!

Pack jar tightly with cumquats

Fill with 750ml Brandy

450grams caster sugar

Store in fridge or my freezing cold laundry till they shrivel up and permeate with that Brandy.....serve with dollop or ice cream.

Does everyone else hate bookwork as much as I do? MYOB is my nemesis! 2 days of crappy catching up. I leave it and leave it till it gets to critical stage and then go into attack mode. Now, I am going to push it back into the deep recesses of my mind till the next time.

I don't normally take photos of our creatures "doing it" but can you imagine what it's like trying to hold an important conversation on the phone while this is going on in front of you! I had to put the person on hold because I was laughing so much. How do you explain that one! I did and he laughed too! Sorry Mr that will be a topic for dinner conversation for a while.

Get a room guys!!  Poor Tiago on the left is feeling very left out..... 

We had a sprinkling of rain....need so much more...

Sun sets so early these days.......


Can you spot Pierre? He is in camouflage mode....he knows chewing the lounge was not a good idea! I can see you.... 

So many birds in the garden.... these Galahs are waiting there turn at the bird feeder......Cockatoos are bigger than they wait.

Went on a fantastic Mushroom Tour ......mushrooms have featured prominently in the kitchen this week. 

One of the special things about the Southern Highlands is when we get a mega foggy morning. It is one of the most beautiful things you will experience..... everything is muffled and you feel like you are wrapped in cotton wool. There is a stillness all around.


Lastly I want to share this yellow Tulip with you..... a very special one.

On Poppy's resting place we planted a mass of Tulip bulbs.......this week out of all the Tulips that we have planted around our garden this is the one that has flowered first....just the one. It stands tall and I notice it every time I walk past and my heart gives a little pang of hurt. Miss you gorgeous girl.xx

There is another beautiful story about this Tulip... my good friend who adored Miss Poppy, gave me these bulbs to plant on her grave. She is going through a tough time health wise and I feel this is a gentle little sign from our girl to help her get through this. Thinking of you.....

There you have it.... a snippet of the mundane, special and fun things that happened at A Year In My Garden.. we practised voodoo, saw ducks copulating, went into the world of magical mushrooms, cotton wool fog, MYOB grrrrr, pretty drizzle drops, Pierre getting a taste of lounge and flowering beauty all around......

How was your week? Probably just as busy and just as special.