What I love about succulents are their versatility. They look good in almost any pot! Just remember they need sunshine (think desert)!  


Succulents are a cheap and quick way to start a new garden. Before we can place our leaves on soil to begin growing new plants we must let the ends dry out and callous over.  This step is important! If you don’t let the ends dry out and place them directly on soil they will absorb too much moisture and they will rot and die. When they are ready just place them on a tray with good draining soil (I always do more than I need) for ones that don't survive the process. I’ve had the best results when keeping my leaves indoors in a window with lots of indirect sunlight. 

Mix and match different varieties for an interesting look. Succulents can look good in a country garden also.

Different height pots add interest. 


An old style colander.....that has perfect drainage. 

I love this idea for an outdoor table centrepiece. Perfect......low growing and you don't have to crane your head to chat to the person opposite you.

Modern home......tick....they look good there too! Not sure about the cork idea........eyedropper for watering I suppose.

Bird cage......we can use one of those to pot up some succulents. Most people have an old cage somewhere in the garage/shed. Or, you can go to your local tip.....a lot of them these days have a recycling area where you can pick one up for a few dollars. Imagine this on your balcony or patio area.

I want that chair also!

I'm not a fan of flowery wreaths......but I could have a succulent wreath.

Saw this on pinterest .......a live necklace!

I thought this was a good idea..... an old frame, chicken wire and sphagnum moss. 

Succulents can grow directly in sphagnum moss without any soil. Soilless planting with moss can be used in wall planters where the weight of soil might be an issue, in terrariums, in wreaths or anywhere else that the use of soil presents a problem. One note, because sphagnum moss does dry more quickly than soil, more frequent watering might be required and occasional fertilising.

Are you a sucker for succulents?