It's facelift time, no not me.... some rooms in our house desperately need a makeover. So what does most of the population do with anything paint or handyman related? Take a drive over to Bunnings. Don't you just love their gorgeous mood lighting? So helpful when you are choosing paint cards. We grab a stack of swatches thinking this will be easy.....wrong! How many shades of white can there be?? Whisper white (too blah), Snowy White, (too grey), Chalk USA (too cream), White Beam ( looks like barley). 

White we just want white........ after a lot of placing cards on walls at various spots in the rooms it's back to Bunnings and now it's sample pots...... I'm glazing over at this stage.


So what does a girl do..... I jumped on Pinterest for some inspiration.....Arth just rolled his eyes. He knew what was coming. 

Lets rip up our carpet and paint the floor boards white! Look at that feature wall... lets be daring! We have so many books, lets get rid of our bedside tables...no we don't need drawers.... More eye rolling....

How about this? At this stage I was talking to myself.....he had left the room.

Look at this....as I ran out chasing him. I can use one of my prints..... 

In the end I took one of my little sample pots and went out in the garden and painted my little stool a lovely shade of white followed by a spruce up of my chair.

I was happy as a clam.... a decision was made and painting did occur. Although our room looks like a zebra crossing...there's an idea...stripes...... now where has he gone!

Has anyone gone through the torture of choosing the right colour.

And why does the same colour look totally different in 5 different spots on the wall?  

Any tips people?