Do you get a little tingle of excitement when you walk into a place and everything just feels right.

Well that's what happened to me the other week......when I discovered this little gem called The Tea Salon at Dirty Janes in Bowral in the Southern Highlands.

Don't you just love being greeted by a welcoming and smiley Barista. 

You just want to walk right on in...... and how important is that! 

It was a freezing cold day outside and when I walked in, it was like being wrapped in a big cosy angora blanket. Little lamp lit nooks.... where if I had more time, I would bring a book and read away to my hearts content. Next time......



It felt like the outside world had disappeared and the only thing that mattered was, what to order and should I drink tea or should I have coffee.


Normally when I have my coffee it's in a super loud and frantically busy cafe. This.....this just made me slow down. People spoke in quieter tones, no loud music blaring in the background........our little pinkies raised accordingly as we sipped tea.... 

One felt more ladylike and refined (well I did anyway)....


Yes, they even have pinwheel sandwiches. 


Attention to detail...... cake stands, trio cups and saucers, specialty teas, flowers and of course delicious cakes. On the menu I noticed Lavender scones with lemon curd or what about the other scones with berry jam and Chantilly cream. How nice is it to go somewhere and there is not a Friand in sight. They also have a clever lunch menu and it's very reasonably priced I thought.

Grab a few friends or your significant other half and indulge in a high tea. Decadent, delightful and damn delicious! Lisa Muhlberg, owner and her chef Kath Philipse are on to a winning formula here. They also have another business called Your Vintage Occasion where you can hire elegant vintage wares for a baby shower, garden parties, weddings etc. They will also cater high teas from 4 to 100 people. What a fab idea!


I walked out feeling like I actually had my cup of tea in a relaxed fashion. No gulping it down while checking emails and looking at Instagram. It's funny but I didn't feel like looking at anything electronic, I even switched my phone to silent. Was it because I felt I was transported to another time when life was less frantic and crazy?

Do you have a favourite cafe that is a secret hidden gem, and you go there to forget about the to-do lists and running around that are our lives today?

Let me know because I will be sure to visit.