PICKING AND SEPARATING THROUGH THESE SEEDS SHOULD BE FUN ....

                                       PICKING AND SEPARATING THROUGH THESE SEEDS SHOULD BE FUN ....

Glorious seeds.......I look at them as a promise of vegetables, flowers and yummy food to come...

The tradition of swapping seeds is alive and well in my family and also amongst my gardening friends. This stunning collection was lovingly put in a brown paper bag by my Thia (aunt) Cleo when I last visited her garden. You should hear how passionate our conversations are (in Greek of course) on what varieties are best, a few recipes are thrown in for good measure. Growing food and cooking, go hand in hand. How good is it to share and exchange all that gardening knowledge and to learn...........most of all to learn.

I suppose if you are a non-gardener, you probably don't get what all the excitement is about. To some people, they might just be colourful dried up seeds, that don't look particularly interesting....but for me....

I get excited!

Likewise, when a box from The Diggers Club arrives I get the same excited feeling. I cannot believe how nicely it is all packed and that the plants even fit.


The beauty about mail order is you do it in the comfort of your own home.  You get to choose plants and seeds that maybe aren't in your local nursery. Wasabi is the new kid on the block in this garden and I can't wait to see how it goes.

This time around I ordered tomatoes specifically for a shorter growing period ie for cooler areas. You can order for your climate also.

This year I chose.....Juane Flamme, Tigerella, Lemon Drop and Black Cherry on the advice of Diggers magazine. I will keep you posted on how they go.

If you are growing in pots try and get ones that are the shorter bush varieties like:

Green Grape, Tiny Tommy, Legend or Principe Boghese


Last tomato growing season everyone can probably still remember me complaining about how long it took for the tomatoes to ripen.


 Lemon Drop (when it started cropping) was prolific! Here is a delicious recipe Italiano style Tomato soup that I cooked up.

You might have to wait till tomatoes are cheaper in price, it's not the right season at the moment.... seasonal is my mantra!


The pumpkin seeds were planted down at the working end of the property where they can SPREAD and GROW. The photo on the left was not grown by me, but it gives you an idea of how big they can grow. That pumpkin won blue ribbon for largest grown....... you never know.....

Growing seeds don't have to be in fancy trays either.

Start saving those toilet rolls people!

Small veggie problems!

Believe it or not this is one square foot. A tight squeeze, but even if you put in half the varieties, it should do.

Don't forget to get the kids involved!

How is everyone going with Spring planting? Have you had fun picking what to plant or is it a serious business in your place?