First observation this week.....plums starting to ripen.

The race for who gets to them first begins!

Birds versus me.....

Except this season.....I am doing something different

Picking them right now and letting them ripen at room temperature (not in the fridge)  away from marauding birds. Last years plum jam recipe.

Keep tip pruning Basil or better still make Pesto.

Observation 2: Why does parsley always seed in rock hard gravelly paths?

Keep picking outer leaves of lettuce for all those healthy salads one should be eating.

Harvesting lots of Garlic now....it's a great mosquito repellant, if you eat enough of it. Probably repel everyone in your household and neighbourhood too.

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Remember the Phalaenopsis I got for my birthday on the 1st of December... still flowering beautifully. Why? I feed it at half strength every fortnight with Strike Back for Orchids by Neutrog.

 This flower makes me happy every time I look at it.....

Observation 3: Salvia is the easiest plant to grow....Bronze fennel is bigger than Pierre...Vietnamese mint needs to be contained in a pot. Which mine is thank god!

Lastly why am I being so observant? Because my New Years resolution is the practice of being....


The only time I am mindful is when I photograph things, that is when I am totally consumed in that moment, I slow down, I concentrate, nothing intrudes my thought process. I think that is why I feel so happy and relaxed when I photograph. But....there is a big but...... I can't permanently walk around with a camera in my hand 24/7.  So.... this year I need to practice and practice and practice. 

What's your New Years Resolution?