I wasn't sure how to start this post......

It was going to be a good bye from A Year In My Garden. 

We have sold our property and are off to warmer climes. Scary...yes...sad....yes....exciting....well sort of.  I have to say I am not too good with the lets go off into the wild blue yonder and it can be quite an unsettling thing, especially when we couldn't find a property to buy and an even bigger decision, where we would actually live. Lots of soul searching was done....

After a hectic few months with a bout of pneumonia (to really slow me down) thrown into the mix it's time to move. MOVING HOUSE IS THE WORST! Downsizing, de-cluttering, what to keep, do I really need that, I can't part with that. I swear the more room you have more "stuff" gets accumulated. The shed was the worst!! Conversations down there went a lot like this, "Do you really need to keep 5 HAMMERS" and "don't you think that maybe we should throw out the 3 RUSTY SAWS WITH NO HANDLES " ??? Or my favourite "I'm going to fix that broken drill" that hasn't been used in 9 years. That actually made me laugh out loud!!

And this brings me to the A Year In My Garden blog, we eventually, as of last week (couch surfing was on the cards) found a gorgeous property near the pretty township of Berry. As luck would have it, and believe me it was luck, a property came up for rent. And guess what, it has a beautiful garden!! Lots of friends and my husband have convinced me to keep the blog going, but maybe I should call it A Year In A Borrowed Garden.

Now that we have sold, every flower, every bulb has taken on a special beauty knowing that this will be our last Spring here at the property. It has been a privilege to be a custodian of this magnificent garden. The friends we have made, in the beautiful village of Burrawang, will never be forgotten, and because we won't be too far away......will always stay in touch. 

I will leave you with some memories of Mirrabooka.... there was so much happiness when I looked back.....something around the corner to take your breathe away......

What excitement on the day we moved in!!

Little did we know how welcoming and busy the village was going to be....

 Burrawang Winter Ball....I enjoyed every second helping plan and decorate with the greatest bunch of girls.

DNA Festival one of the my highlights... what a weekend that was! Colin those Sweedish logs were the best!

A year in my garden dna festival

Parties...lunches...dinners....community events... 

We had births.....

A year in my garden dogs

We met many creatures and had a very sad farewell to our beautiful dog, Poppy..... she is in the middle pic.

a year in my garden food

Food....lets not forget all the food that was created.....and eaten of course.

a year in my garden food photography

Walks in all types of weather.....I wore a few boots down and discovered the beauty of the Southern Highlands.

a year in my garden

Autumn.....that really special time of year....raking leaves....and bonfires....always with some red wine and cheese.

a year in my garden flowers

Flowers and more flowers...I was never short of those.

a year in my garden

Special Christmas times....as long as we are together we will always have those no matter where we are.


How do I choose which of my garden shots were my favourite. Each season was a feast for the eyes....


There are a few tears now.....looking through those memories. One thing that won't change in my life is the love I have for Arth, my passion for photography, the garden, my love of cooking, and being surrounded by wonderful friends and family. 

Thank you (in blog land) for your lovely comments and sharing your experiences with me in our various journeys and adventures.

Stay tuned for the next chapter.

PS A HUGE thank you to all our friends these past few weeks who have put on farewell lunches, dinners, (we cracked open many a champagne bottle), the wonderful speeches....to hear what we meant to you was something we will never forget, we had lots of food dropped off so we wouldn't have to cook, utes were borrowed, heavy garden stuff lifted....so many offers of help. 

Love you all!