The graceful Windflower... Japanese Anemone.

I just love the way it catches the slightest breeze and dances it's beautiful Windflower dance.

Okay it's official! The Hydrangea has not stopped flowering for 4 1/2 months. I had friends here over the weekend picking baskets of them and they didn't even scratch the surface.

Our Ballet company have grown and are cheeky as, hopping on to tables and visiting inside the house.

You want to attract nectar eating birds...plant some Salvias.

More Windflowers....

What's on special now...FIGS...God I just love this fruit!! I have them with yoghurt for breakfast and I especially love them like this.....

All you need are some ripe figs (these figs were little petite ones), grated lemon rind, thinly sliced prosciutto, olive oil, grated parmigiana and some freshly cracked pepper.

Wrap the figs with the prosciutto ...just like you are about to put them to bed, sprinkle the parmigiana and lemon zest....drizzle with olive oil.....'s that easy...

The perfect tasty....healthy..because fruit is involved.... entree/early evening treat...  with a glass of wine of course.

Buon appetito!

Life here has been on the frantic side and I have not had much time to blog and do the social media thing. Helping parents....still taking lots of pics though (for work and pleasure) up lots of storms and gardening like crazy. 

We are off on Friday,  to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand, and I've got my sis and her partner holding the fort. Can't wait to hear of their adventures in the Southern Highlands.

Ps I cooked up a prawn dish last night and it was deadset delicious. Promise when we get back.....recipe will be up on the blog...with a few pics of NZ.

Gotta show some holiday snaps....

Pps If you have any hot foodie tips for Auckland and the Bay of Islands, I would love to know. We are north island virgins.