Seeing all the TV footage of flood affected areas, brought back some scary memories for us.  Memories of going to sleep and waking up to this! This was us 8 years ago in the Hunter Valley...

Finding out that all our chickens had drowned and our beautiful Alpaca, Monet….gone. Washed away... Remembering all the hard back breaking work….. crying and hating every shovel full of gravel. But then, we gave a helping hand to our neighbours down the road, who were much worse off than us and that’s when I had a reality check…. yes we were tired and dirty, but our family were together and we were going to be ok, and that’s all that mattered…. within a few months everything was back to normal and life went on…..

So this week, I refused to complain about some bark in the veggie garden and squishy muddy grass. And as Nicko (our son) said “at least your house wasn’t chopped in half by some gum tree.” Just like the one in Newcastle. Although I have to say, I do worry about the one near the chook pen. I have been known to stand underneath it, peering up and trying to calculate whether it would reach the house if it came down. It’s massive!

On another note, Camellias are blooming and if you want one for the garden or pot, now is the time to pop into your local nursery and choose one.

 The Debutante camellia now budding up.... 

Did a mega girl prune on the Wisteria…it’s the opposite in our house I’m the one that goes “No….just hack into it….”don’t leave that bit”….had to be done and it’s amazing how much light has come back into the house.

I love my roses as you know, would I ever plant a Banksia Rose again? The answer is an emphatic, no! They are rampant and this one was almost covering half our roof. Our fault should have attacked it much earlier. Turn your back for 5 seconds and it’s off and running….

We have had beautiful little Silver Eye birds visiting us this week. They fly in large groups and land on our Japanese Maples twittering like crazy and eat…well I actually don’t know what, but it must be delicious. 

Our dam is full to the brim and you know who came back Tiago! I thought he had been foxed but here he is popping in for a visit. 

The Autumn colour is just breathtaking this year…..

Here is one very brave rose…. and the hydrangeas are finally saying goodbye…. I am leaving them on the bushes till the very last minute as you can see.

Don’t forget to pot up some violas and pansies for some Winter colour.

How did your garden fare this week? Are you having a busy time getting it back into shape…