VIVID 2015

For those of you who have never been to the Vivid Sydney Festival ie if you live interstate or under a rock or could not be bothered.....I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful event this is. A jewel, in the Sydney calendar!  The whole family will love it, kids, grandparents,mums,dads, and even teens. There is something for everyone.

Have I talked you into it yet...... 

Maybe you are a bit worried about the public transport.... well, they seem to have sorted that out this year and getting around was a breeze.

Let me show some of my faves.....

I came across these baton twirlers....they had LED batons which looked relatively normal, till I slowed the shutter speed down on my camera and look what happened as a result.  

We started off at Darling Harbour which featured a laser light/fireworks show. 

From there we hopped on to a ferry which took us to Circular Quay. It was just beautiful seeing all the installations from the water.

Customs House building is always a favourite of mine.....there is a great little bar on the forecourt and you can sip on a cheeky glass of red while watching the show.

Beautiful Hydrangeas....

I could show you another 50 photos.....I am just picking a few, to give you an idea of the colour and scale. If you have already been, let me know what your favourite installations were.

Would you believe there are 2 young kids on these LED swings..... this is what happens when you sloooooww the shutter speed down.

The vibe is just fantastic..... people taking photos,videos and everyone just having a good time.

Circular Quay looked pretty good too. General consensus though was the Opera House was not as good as previous years. 

MCA was definitely worth seeing and another highlight for us.

Again, so many colours and clever, clever combinations. I have only picked a few to give you the general gist. 

Thirsty work all this walking and photo taking....not to mention carrying all that heavy camera gear. This bar was down at the Argyle centre in the rocks. 

 I loved how all these people are really getting into the BBC life installation, laying on the ground looking up at the ever changing story. 

We still had so much more to see...maybe another trip back in before it finishes on the 8th of June.

Here is a link to Vivid  

ps. if you are into photography make sure you take a tripod for those special shots.