Woke up this morning to my phone going off with messages from friends as far away as Byron. Asking me whether it's snowing in the Southern Highlands??? I look out my window......nothing...just heavyish rain. Check weather app....rain....check facebook....SNOW!!  Locals from Bowral and Berrima started posting photos of beautiful white snow! Not frost...snow! I broke all records getting dressed and into the car.  Hot pink beanie on head....big black puffer coat, hand warmers in pockets and heavy duty hiking boots. Lets Go!

As we drove further west....Berrima village was definitely the pick for some serious snow action.

It was amazing to see how many snowmen were constructed in such a short space of time.

Including this one at the back of Eschalot Restaurant. The lads were busy making good use of those carrots...the radish was a nice touch too! Need to maybe make a snowgirl to keep him company.

A snap frozen veggie garden.....Eschalot use the produce for their delicious menu. 

You just can't go past a sandstone house, snow topped hedge and not sigh at the prettiness.

Dog fashion was happening....

Ball.....yep a snow ball..... this doggy just bounded around having the best time ever. Unfortunately I had to leave Pierre at home, too hard juggling a camera and an exuberant dog. I felt really guilty though.

I have photographed this garden many times and it was unrecognisable with the heavy snow cover. 

Cars...telephone boxes...tables.... all got a cosy white blanket.

No school for these kids....

Snow on a pine tree.....Xmas in July.

Snowy footprints.....

How stunning is the wattle and look at the planter box of pansies buried in the snow.

a year in my garden

Ducks looked right at home... I wonder if they feel the cold in their feet.

Snow on roofs and as the sun peeped out all you could hear was the dripping of melting snow.

The bulbs would be loving this!

My feet at this stage were frozen and it was time for some coffee and a big sticky cake of some description.

I want to say a big thank you to my husband who did the driving and stopped every five seconds on the way to Berrima. While I squealed.....exclaimed every 5 seconds OMG or this is freaking amazing. Anyone would think I had never seen snow. I have many times.....but there is something incredible when the place that you live in gets a beautiful covering of this glorious stuff. 

What a morning!!!

If you are ever in Berrima.....The Magpie Cafe has the most delicious sweets.