It's right about now that I feel that Winter has gone on long enough..... with the exception of  last weeks snow extravaganza. Just looking at our trees make me shiver, with their naked branches and I immediately get the feeling that I should be crochet bombing my garden. Except I'm not crafty. Sorry trees...

a year in my garden bowral

I walked up to the chook pen and LOOK a blossom!

a year inmygarden camellias

Lifes mystery....

The red camellias are lasting much better in a vase than the pink ones. 

a year in my garden flowers

These are a few branches of Pussy Willow that I lopped off to bring into the house, usually  I don't think much about it, except that I was in Sydney the other day and walked past a florist. What do you think I saw.....3 branches tied into a bunch and I think they were magnolia blossom sticks, and HOW MUCH $45.00 dollars. OMG WHAT!!!

We have tons of this stuff I could be making a fortune.

hellebores daffodils a year in my garden


and Daffodils are beautiful Winter flower...

daphne a year in my garden southern highlands

The divine smelling Daphne....has to have good drainage.

primula a year in my garden

Primula is a fantastic plant because it self seeds. This year I didn't have to buy a single helped that we had a lot of rain and the soil remained nice and damp.

a year in my garden southern highlands snow
a year in my garden bowral

I'm in love with the skeletal hydrangea petals at the moment....

a year in my garden

The Arum Italicum does not get affected by frost and is an excellent filler in the garden.

kale a year in my garden

All I'm going to say is.....Kale Chips

Hope your Winter has lots of colour and cheerfulness. What's your favourite Winter flower?