It was a cold and crisp weekend, we had brilliant blue skies, no wind and best of all we were invited for a spot of morning tea at our friends farm. After stuffing ourselves with 3 different kinds of cake, it was time walk it all off and pay a visit to the garden. We put on our thick wintery coats, sensible walking shoes and off we went. The garden is your typical old farm house garden, with lots of mature specimens. Camera in hand, I photographed some of the flowers that were blooming. Now, I will be honest, I have absolutely no idea what varieties they are! All I know is that they are Japonica Camellias, but that is as far as it goes. If anyone out there can help, please feel free to share your knowledge. Our friends would love to know, as would I!

Look at those Stamens!

A beautiful red..

A flouncy ballerina style flower

This reminds me of a flamenco dress and how pretty are the little hints of pink

All these Camellias were taller than the house. 

Some were on the southern side of the garden...and brightened up a shady area beautifully.

We saw lots of chooks free ranging through the garden and this Wyandotte lady decided to lay her egg in the mower catcher. Of course some straw had been thoughtfully placed there, so it was nice and comfortable for her.

How adorable are these polyanthus potted up into old oil tins. 


Of course we have is a farm after all. How cute are these calves with their shaggy coats.

Jersey cows have to be the prettiest of them all with their soft, dewy eyes.

I want to take this one home....

And what greeted us as we arrived.......sun shiny sunflowers.

Are these not the perfect flower to greet guests!

If anyone has any ideas what varieties of Japonica Camellias these are please let me know.