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From an ugly bare patch of dirt.... to a productive patch of dirt 


 When we first moved into our house back in April, one of the first things that I did was to get the biggest piece of tarp and lay it out on the ground. I knew exactly where the proposed veggie garden was going to go.....facing north....with lots of sunshine. I did this firstly so I wouldn't have to use poison and secondly so all the grass and any weeds would cook and die. Terribly nasty this gardening business!

As you can see this is exactly what happened. Construction of raised garden beds (cause I'm getting old) are about to commence. I have SO missed having my vegetables on hand! 

By the powers of fast forward photography here are the beds! Lots of sawing, measuring, planning went into these. But my absolute favourite part in all of this... is preparation of soil.....really really important, deciding what goes in and planting.

Lets Go!!!

I like to top dress with some potash - helps thicken cell walls of plants and will give you much healthier yields of vegetables. A little goes a long way so don"t overdo it.  With this I also add some blood and bone which is an excellent and gentle slow release Nitrogen booster. Great for young green leafy vegetables.

And since I'm on the feeding topic......

Now is the time to do it! Citrus are starving at this time of the year and will really benefit big time with some yummy Neutrog Citrus food. Remember if you have put in bare rooted roses DON'T and I have put that in capital letters feed with Sudden Impact for Roses it might burn the roots - wait till next year. Instead try some probiotic GOGO juice, think Yakult for your soil and plants. 

Go for colourful vegetables....

The more colour in your diet the better for you!

HANDY TIP 1 - Green leafy lettuce will really benefit from a small amount of water crystals in the planting hole. This is just in case you forget to water or are away for a couple of days, it will help retain moisture content near the roots. The lettuce family are very thirsty plants.

HANDY TIP 2 - When planting onion or shallots dig a shallow trench that's string lined. Arth watches me to make sure I do it nice and's straight so off you go now! Just lay them down as shown, back fill the roots and after a couple of days they will be up out of bed and standing tall. Miracle.....

Radish come from the same family as cabbage and broccoli - cancer fighting and detox vegetable.

Every couple of weeks I try and sow a fresh lot. (successive sowing) that way Radish is always in the garden for salads and of course with butter and sea salt...French style.



For little climbing peas I collected some small branches for the tendrils to latch on to. Idea courtesy of Mickey Robertson of Glenmore House fame. 

My romantic husband surprised me with a very special heart.... he made secretly while I wasn't looking.

I love it!!!!

Don't forget to mulch.... this time around I have used pea straw mulch. It will give the soil extra nutrients too.

What's in your vegetable garden this season? Tomatoes? What are your faves? 

Ps: Notice the two bags of mulch in the top left hand corner......they are hiding the air con unit. Having a a cover made even as we speak!