When you start getting those 30 degree days and the sky is the most intense of blues, that's when you know Summer is right around the corner. The colours of an Aussie summer to me are bright and bold. 

The Illawarra flame tree just "pops" against the blue sky with it's bright red flowers.

And who can ignore the Jacaranda...even though they are native to South America, we have adopted them as our own.

I think this King Parrot was showing off it's bright red feathers against the purple/blue of the Jacaranda.

Oleanders always remind me of Greece and do so well in our climate and are perfect for a dense screen.

On Xmas day who can resist having a big flower arrangement of NSW Christmas Bush. It shouts Christmas is here!

Long driveways with aggies nodding their heads. I know some people think of them as weeds but for an area that isn't going to get watered and weeded very often.....perfect planting.

Flowering gums look so pretty against the cool lime green of a Golden Robinia. The dappled shade of a Golden Robinia is so soft and romantic and when you sit underneath the  canopy you automatically feel 10 degrees cooler. 

And lets not forget Hydrangeas......after a hot day leaves and flowers can look droopy but don't be fooled they are as tough as old boots.  Give them a water and they are as good as new. A great xmas gift idea to give a gardening friend or family member. 

What tree reminds you of summer in Australia?