The big move is tomorrow...well today, when you read this post....

I don't know about you but when I've got a lot on my plate, I wake up at around 2am and cannot get back to sleep. You would think with all the physical stuff that I am doing that I would just go into one of those coma sleeps. NOPE! Nothing is as frustrating when you just lay there in bed thinking about stupid things that all seem to fade away when the sun comes up. Anyway....we will certainly miss this view and garden!

Goodbye Kiah Park....

I don't want to ever move again!!! Packing, painting...oh did I mention photographing a wedding too....that was a lovely highlight to the week. 

Now we come to the renovation part 2....

Yes it's in full swing and maybe this is why I cannot sleep!! I took this pic this arvo..... 

This is the stylish kitchen.....

Which I am told goes in next Wednesday but the gyprocker has to finish first, and he is not answering his phone today... I know, I know it will all be good in the end.

I have a bath in the W.I.R....I think this trend will catch on!

Alex the builder built me a temporary door in the other bathroom (which has so much crap on the floor) I couldn't photograph it! This is so I can have a little bit of privacy when all "the boys" are on site.

Now here is a good bit....the mantle was a lovely brown cedar, but not quite the look we wanted. I have to say I was a bit terrified about painting it in a black high gloss .... I think it turned out pretty well. This is my happy place till all the boxes pile in tomorrow.

The boys I think have a warped sense of humour! I have stuck notes on a few of the doors where I have already vacuumed and cleaned.....so what do they do.... take the whole door off!

Curtain rod screwed in TICK!!!

Curtain rod screwed in TICK!!!

Do you know my other happy place, apart from the garden is?

When I'm on the tools!

As a kid, being a bit of a tomboy, I loved poking around the garage, I love the smell of a shed it takes me right back to when I was a kid. Dad under the car, me next to him passing spanners. Father, daughter time.... I learnt a lot from him. Good grounding for when you live on rural properties, you have to learn how to fix/make things....right up my alley!

I hope I have a better nights sleep tonight now that I have got all that off my chest.....

Are you a worrier? Is it a woman thing?