I confess I am a "lots of colour" person. But since I am talking about white....there will be no colour talk.

There is something restful about white, where the object becomes the focus rather than the colour. Now if you look at my rabbits I guarantee that if they were bright orange the mood of this table would be totally different.

Would you have even noticed this tiny birds nest?

Pink doves would have looked rather silly on our wreath.

Soothing whiteness on a hot summers day and a bright spot in a shady bit of the garden. Which by the way is always planted out with white foxgloves, white pansies, white primula. (whatever is in season). That particular area is next to our entertaining spot and the white just 'POPS" at night.  Would not be near as dramatic if the flowers were colourful.

Crisp and to the point!

A very chic silkie chook..... I had to put in a chook pic.

I don't know if I could go the whole white house look which is de rigueur in most mags but it certainly works side by side in this house/garden.

Do you embrace white?