Bit coolish.. bit drizzly in the Highlands today....Domestic goddess hat comes on and I am in the kitchen!

Having a few Greek genes embedded I always and I repeat always have Feta on hand! I love my Feta! 

Now I don't know what varieties you have tried but I have had them all. My favourite (sorry mum) is Danish Feta. (Dont hit me mum)

I know, I know I have gone over to the dark side of the Feta world but Danish Feta is creamier, less salty, holds its might argue with me but I cant help it, thats the way my taste buds roll.

So.... consequently marinating is a given! So easy, so quick!

Danish (or whatever) Feta 
A few dried Bay Leaves (picked from our neighbours giant tree)
Dried Greek oregano (the one that comes in a long bunch from a good Deli) It also looks like something the police would bust you for!!
Lemon Peel
Oil (not olive) as it will congeal in already knew that I know. 

Kali Orexi! (Good appetite) 

Are you a marinater or a preserver of food?