I have been out all day....I am hungry....tired ....I don't feel like going to the supermarket and I certainly don't feel like cooking. What to do?  I stare into the bowels of the pantry and if you have a pantry like mine thats deep, where one is required to get the mining lamp out to see into the the back, you lose track of what the hell is in there.

I know you may think who keeps a spare jar of truffles and to tell you the truth I have truly forgotten how it got into my pantry. Its definitely not on my weekly shopping list but you know what it should be! It keeps for ages, lifts that dish to the next level, plus it sounds fancy don't you think?

So whats on hand?

Tartufo Nero, you must say this with an Italian accent or (black truffle). Basil, and lots of it! Spiral pasta (have run out of fettucine) I told you I don't want to go shopping. Parmigiana is always always in my fridge. A fruity olive oil. Thats it!

The only thing that requires cooking is boiling the pasta. I can do that.

While the pasta is cooking....... sip your vino....feeling better already.... 

shave the Tartufo Nero, wow that earthy fragrance, shave the Parmigiana, tear the fresh basil, more fresh fragrance, salt and freshly ground pepper and drizzle this lot with your fruity olive oil. 

Done and dealt in 15 minutes. Simple, healthy and delicious.

Buon Appetito! xx

Do you have exotic stuff in your pantry that you have forgotten about?